a question I cannot answer

May I quote you, dearest Leo? "Did something precipitate his sudden lack of imagination?"

It is very telling of your character, comrade, that the word imagination is the anchor of your question. I like it. A sudden lack of imagination can stop one dead in one's tracks, or send one straight into therapy, or force one to withdraw affect entirely. What is powerful enough to stop one's ability to imagine? When things seem too perfect, maybe there's only one thing left to imagine or maybe that's how one is made to feel (by me, for example)?

One can mull over a sense of foreboding, a state of tension, but the feeling of danger? I don't know. Maybe that's the kind of thing one can't imagine one's self into or out of. It gums up the works. Full stop. Don't look back. Looking back would entail imagining, beginning to imagine again. And that would entail recognizing that something could have happened differently, that it almost did, that it still could. The 'could' leaves room for the as-yet unimagined. And that seems ... well... dangerous? Difficult? Overwhelming?

Leo, what made you imagine differently?