dating professors

Me:  It's not fair that so much in a small supposedly
neutral midwestern town reminds me of you ...I miss you.

a) Nothing's fair.
b) I'm very, very happy that you do.
c) Me too.
d) You give good pocket.

Some other moment....

Me:  "You love Charlotte: either you have some hope and then you will act; or
else you have none, in which case you will renounce. That is the discourse
of the 'healthy' subject: either/or. But the amorous subject replies (as
Werther does): I am trying to slip between the two members of the
alternative: i.e., I have no hope, but all the same. . .Or else: I
stubbornly chose not to choose; I choose drifting: I continue."
--need I say who?

Him: I hereby promise myself never again to fall for a woman who is writing her dissertation about love!


To Another, now long ago:

you're a used up cliche dr. professor
but i'll open my mind and my legs for your themely research
even go so far as to cite the litany of your bookshelf
in proper sequential order;

and if you don't find the kernel of your genius
tucked between the sheaves of my being and if
my gaze beyond your table of contents
reflects no trace of your mastery,

don't worry--
you'll pass the exam of mortality like the rest of us.